Neuropsychological Evaluation and Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis

Organisation/institution: NEuRoMS

What was the question that we could help with?

To address the cost-effectiveness of a 6-year NIHR programme grant for applied research to develop, evaluate and implement a clinical management pathway, incorporating neuropsychological rehabilitation in MS (the NEuROMs study), and the economic impact to the NHS, patients and society.

What did we do?

We provided support and expertise and are leading the health economics work package of the project. We also planned a novel approach (based on our expertise in using logic models to support health economics evaluation) to document the potential issues for service capacity and workload planning for commissioners as part of informing the programme’s proposed implementation strategy.

What is the expected impact?

The study was launched on World MS Day on 30th May 2019, with a dedicated website. This work enables Health and Care Economics Cymru to ‘promote and protect Wales’ place in the world’. By fully engaging on the UK stage, we nurture relationships with key UK-wide groups, and develop international relationships as a result of growing our visibility, presence and performance beyond Wales. We will also contribute to ‘delivering quality health and care services fit for the future’ in supporting high value services and interventions for people with MS.