Wales COVID-19 Evidence Centre

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the health and social care needs of the people in Wales and how health and care is delivered to meet these needs. The Wales COVID-19 Evidence Centre aims to ensure the best available, up-to-date, and relevant evidence is readily available to our stakeholders involved in health and social care across Wales to inform their decision making.

There are many review teams, and the Bangor Institute of Health and Medical Research (BIHMR) have produced two reviews so far:

First rapid review question: Which innovations can improve timeliness of investigations and address the backlog in endoscopy for patients with potential symptoms of upper and lower Gastrointestinal (GI) cancers? RR_00003 (August 2021)

Second rapid review question: Have infection control and prevention measures resulted in any adverse outcomes for care home and domiciliary care residents and staff? RR00018 (November 2021)