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Health and Care Economics Cymru is a partnership between the Centre for Health Economics and Medicines Evaluation (CHEME) at Bangor University and the Swansea Centre of Health Economics (SCHE) at Swansea University.


Professor Rhiannon Tudor Edwards

Rhiannon is Professor of Health Economics and co-director of the Centre for Health Economics and Medicines Evaluation (CHEME) at Bangor University and a member of the Health and Care Economics Cymru Management Board.

Professor Deb Fitzsimmons

Deb is Professor of Health Outcomes Research and Academic Director of the Swansea Centre for Health Economics (SCHE) at Swansea University and a member of the Health and Care Economics Cymru Management Board.

HCEC Structure and Organisation

HCEC organisation

Management Board

The Management Board meets monthly to ensure effective cross-University collaboration of the team and delivery of our outcomes.

Professor Dyfrig Hughes

CHEME, Bangor University

Dr Pippa Anderson

SCHE, Swansea University

Kalpa Pisavadia

CHEME, Bangor University

Dr Bernadette Sewell

SCHE, Swansea University

Dr Mari Jones

SCHE, Swansea University
Llinos Haf Spencer

Dr Llinos Haf Spencer

CHEME, Bangor University

Jacob Davies

CHEME, Bangor University

Dr Shaun Harris

Sche, Swansea University

Katherine Cullen

sCHE, swansea University

Ann Lawton

CHEME, Bangor University

Health and Care Economics Cymru-Supported Research Staff

All staff are supported by multiple funding sources.

Advisory Board

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to provide strategic advice to support us in the delivery of our objectives and work packages. Using the expertise and experience from external senior peers, including public involvement representation, the Advisory Board enables an independent, critical test and challenge of our strategy, action plan, achievements and impact across our programme of work and work packages. The Advisory Board assemble once a year, generally during the annual Welsh Health Economists’ Group (WHEG) meeting, to facilitate networking of our researchers with leading UK experts.

The Advisory Board currently comprises:

  • Independent Chair: Professor Steve Morris (University Cambridge)
  • Independent Co-Chair: Professor Monica Busse (Cardiff University)
  • Dr Brendan Collins (Welsh Government)
  • Professor Ceri Phillips (Swansea University)
  • Dr Lisa Trigg (Social Care Wales)
  • Dr Angela Boland (University of Liverpool)
  • Professor Rod Taylor (University of Glasgow)
  • Ms Karen Harrington (PPIE representative)
  • Mr Nathan Davies (PPIE representative)
  • Professor Rhiannon Tudor Edwards (Co-Director of HCEC, Bangor University)
  • Professor Deb Fitzsimmons (Co-Director of HCEC, Swansea University)
  • Professor Dyfrig Hughes (Bangor University)
  • Dr Pippa Anderson (Bangor University)
  • Dr Llinos Haf Spencer (Bangor University)
  • Dr Bernadette Sewell (Swansea University)
  • Kalpa Pisavadia (Bangor University)
  • Jacob Davies (Bangor University)

We co-ordinate the Welsh Health Economists’ Group (WHEG), developing a community of health economics expertise across Wales.

Methodological Hub

The Health and Care Economics Cymru Methodological Hub aims to provide an environment to develop and apply cutting-edge methods of health economic evaluation and associated analyses. The purpose of the Methodological Hub is to improve the validity and relevance of the healthcare evidence-base in order to make better decisions on the use of resources. Read more here.

Social Value Hub

In response to the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act and demands from third sector and local government to help them demonstrate social value, we have established the Bangor Social Value Hub. This Social Value Hub is an organisational member of Social Value UK and provides organisations with a framework for measuring change in ways that are relevant to their stakeholders. Read more here.

Our partners

Our funders

Our collaborators and stakeholders

Health and Care Economics Cymru works closely with other leading research centres and organisations across the UK, including: