Our contribution to the Wales COVID-19 Evidence Centre and its transition into the Health and Care Research Wales Evidence Centre

We are delighted that HCEC researchers continued to contribute to the Bangor Institute for Medical Research (BIMHR) evidence team with three full rapid reviews and three Rapid Evidence Summaries published this year. These included rapid reviews on domestic violence and abuse and COVID-19, Health Related Quality of Life in mildly infected individuals and interventions and best practices to support
people with long COVID to return to normal activities
, which alone has been viewed over 2,000 times since its publication in January 2023. Our contribution has led to several HCEC researchers being co-investigators on the new Health and Care Research Wales Evidence Centre. Whilst this work will now sit
‘outside’ HCEC, this will enhance the health economics contribution to developing the evidence to answer key questions to improve health and social care policy and provision across Wales. This demonstrates our growing success in using our HCEC infrastructure as a platform to cultivate new programmes of work alongside developing our health economics researchers and providing new opportunities for health economists in Wales to deliver vital research to tackle the health and care challenges facing Wales.